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7 tips for managing your salary
Bakhich Mohamed 17 September 2023
  You don't have to be a financial expert to manage your monthly salary wisely. Follow the rules below and you'll soon be amazed at ...
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Bakhich Mohamed 15 September 2023
  In over 50% of cases, nicotine is a highly addictive substance, both physically and psychologically. When they stop smoking, addicts exper...
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Diets for urinary health
Bakhich Mohamed 13 September 2023
  People prone to urinary diseases such as kidney stones, urinary incontinence and cystitis may find it worthwhile to change their eating ha...
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What are the symptoms of a dog in poor health?
Bakhich Mohamed 11 September 2023
  We often hear the expression "sick as a dog". This saying is often corroborated by the intensity of the symptoms presented by do...
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How can I remove dog hair from my clothes? easy steps
Bakhich Mohamed 11 September 2023
  If we have a dog, it's a real inconvenience. Our clothes are often covered in dog hair, which is difficult to remove. Even after machi...
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How to stop your dog peeing at home?
Bakhich Mohamed 10 September 2023
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Top 10 best logo design apps for iOS and Android
Bakhich Mohamed 07 September 2023
  When setting up a new company, certain documents are essential to finalize the process. One of these is the logo. A logo is essential so t...
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