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What does a communications manager do?


Are you passionate about communications? Would you like to work as a communications manager? Discover the main aspects of this job in our detailed job description. Find out more about the job description, skills required, relevant training, income and the different companies employing communications managers in usa.

What does a communications manager do?

The communications manager acts as the company's spokesperson and implements all the necessary communications measures to achieve this. He/she develops communication actions according to predefined target types.

Highly versatile, the communications manager carries out both external and internal activities.

Their aim is to create a positive image for the brand using a variety of communication tools. Their field of action is wide-ranging.

He can act in :

Internal corporate communications;
External communications;
Corporate communications;
Corporate communications ;
Events communication;
Digital communication;
Marketing communications, etc.
The implementation of communication strategies is aimed at acquiring and retaining customers.
The main areas of communication are

the general public (in particular to improve the company's image in relation to its competitors)
the press (in particular to improve the company's visibility in relation to its competitors).
The tasks of a communications manager depend on the size of the company employing him/her.

The main tasks are as follows

Develop communication policies in cooperation with the marketing and sales departments;
Develop communication initiatives, i.e. select partners, messages, distribution channels and communication media;
Enhance the company's image and reputation through various events.

What's the difference between internal and external communications managers?

The tasks and objectives of internal and external communication managers differ.

The internal communications manager is responsible for communicating information between the company's management and staff.

Internal communication managers, on the company's values and culture:

the company newsletter
intranet site
briefings (e.g. on corporate values and culture)
Internal seminars
Evaluation questionnaires

In short, the internal communications manager ensures that information flows within the company, whether between management and staff or between the various departments. He/she develops communication strategies, creates a positive image within the company and strengthens cohesion between employees.

To achieve these objectives, the communications manager has several means of action at his or her disposal.

Open-mindedness, creativity, rigor, teamwork and interpersonal skills are all required.

The external communications manager is responsible for promoting the company externally.

In concrete terms, this involves communicating with external targets such as...

General public
Other potential customers and partners
External communicators promote the brand's identity, its activities and the products it markets. To carry out their mission, they produce information and communication media.
Their aim is to make the company known by all possible means:

Advertising brochures ;
Press kits or press releases
Promotional brochures
Open days
Company visits;
Promotion at trade fairs and other events.

Agents act as a link between companies, the media and partners. They create promotional and informative content, and update companies' social networks and websites.

What makes a good communications manager?

A good communications manager needs to be versatile. He or she must have a certain know-how and interpersonal skills, even if he or she is not yet an expert.

In terms of human qualities, a communications manager must possess

excellent interpersonal skills
good listening skills
good organizational skills
an inquisitive mind
Agents must be able to perform a variety of tasks efficiently and be fluent in different languages, particularly English. They must be familiar with communication tools and techniques, and have a good knowledge of NICTs.

Why choose a career as a communications manager?

The job of communications manager offers a wide range of opportunities in private organizations such as SMEs, start-ups and major international groups, as well as in public organizations such as associations and institutions. You can develop your career, particularly in companies with strong hierarchical relationships.

After a few years, you may be promoted to communications manager (team of at least four) or communications director (team of at least ten).

In this role, you can also give free rein to your creativity by designing media (images and videos), writing texts and organizing events. Communications managers don't limit themselves to a single function.

They develop a vast network, notably with the press, partners and service providers.

It's a stimulating job, because you get to meet and talk to lots of people. There's no such thing as monotonous, routine or boring work.