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Top 8 best photo editing apps for Android or iOS


Photo editing has become a way of life, especially for teenagers. No one posts photos on social networks without retouching them anymore. And the more they get used to retouching, the more they want to enhance their experience with the right tools. There are many apps on the market today for Android and iOS devices. In terms of functionality, they are far superior to the others. Some offer exceptional user-friendliness; if you're looking for an excellent photo editing app for iOS or Android, take a look at the list below.

1- snapseed

The application belongs to Google. It lets you retouch photos globally. You can manipulate all image parameters until you get the result you want. There's a wide range of filters and masks. The editing mode is up to you; there are Android and iOS versions. The Snapseed app, which is completely free, is a dynamic tool. It's stress-free, because you can cancel if you're not satisfied with the finished product.

2- picSart

For those familiar with the digital world, PicsArt is a reliable tool. Many beginners use this constantly evolving application to edit their photos. In fact, PicsArt is a tool that makes photo editing easy. First of all, the interface is simple. Secondly, it lets you write on images. So any creative work can be done with text. Finally, with PicsArt, collage is child's play. You can assemble images and paste them into an ad while you're waiting to get back to the office. Your work as a marketer will be much easier.

3- vesco

For professional photographers, VSCO is a wonderful tool. It can be mastered in seconds. Users are obliged to learn, evolve and improve their technique. This is because, in addition to predefined parameters for retouching, there are also parameters for editing. In other words, when retouching, you have control over every tool until you achieve the perfect result. A colorimeter can also be used to measure the depth of the selected filter. All these features combine to make this the best proposal on this list.

4- pixlr

Available only as a PC version since 2008, Pixlr's designers developed Pixlr to revolutionize the image-editing environment. With its current owner (123rf Photo Agency), Pixlr has undergone a fantastic transformation; Pixlr has been cloned and is available in Android and iOS versions. This new version has the same features as the other tools on this list. Whether it's tools, brushes, effects, frames, stickers or a text editor, there's nothing to complain about. Predefined zones leave plenty of room for custom editing. Here, retouching is carried out according to the instantaneous changes in the image. However, no changes are made to the source file until it has been manually checked.


Lightroom is the ideal application. Lightroom is an advanced version of Adobe Lightroom. Give Lightroom a try. Photographers use this software all the time to add special touches to their photos. So far, no one has complained about its effectiveness. Above all, it's an expert's tool. Nothing is missing. What's more, the free version is just as enjoyable as the paid version. The only drawback is that you need to know a lot about the subject before you can use it. The app is available in iOS and Android versions.

6- cyberlink photodirector

Above all, this application reflects the brand's ambitions for growth. That's why Cyberlink has devoted all its time to this application. This tool brings together all the basics of image retouching. First of all, all parameters can be readjusted. Contrast, brightness and color shades can be modified. Experienced users can select effects and use sliders to place them in the right place at the right time. All that's left to do is merge with the original image.

If you're not inspired for a new project, take a look at the templates provided. And if you need to publish your photos on social networks after retouching, that's also possible. After a local save, the app opens another door to your favorite social apps such as Facebook and Instagram. But all this comes at a financial cost - whether for Android or iOS, the only way is to use an optimized version of Photodirector.

7- adobe photoshop express

If you work in the photography industry, you're probably familiar with the software that holds a dominant position in this field. As the experts say, it's the most complete software available. The Adobe Photoshop Express version of Adobe Photoshop was created to get closer to customers and to be accessible to a greater number of users worldwide. In other words, it's a miniature version of the original software.

The main advantage of this version is that it's free. Other benefits can be found in the drop-down menu. Available for iOS and Android, the application is essentially straightforward. To go further, you'll need special experience of the source software.

8- facetune

Facetune is the benchmark for Internet users addicted to retouching. This tool has won over users on social networks. In fact, it adapts very easily to the user. There's a version for every user. So whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, the result is the same. You can also learn how to retouch. No special training is required. Just trust your instincts and you're done. Even the smallest details can benefit from this application. It's particularly useful for erasing pimples, correcting birthmarks and removing imperfections. If necessary, it can also create a clean face with the right shape and structure.