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12 best dating apps To find your love


Which dating app is right for you? What's the best dating app of the moment? 

Dating apps make it easier than ever to find a girlfriend or meet new people. Available at any time, these dating apps let you talk, meet and find people around you directly from your smartphone. Dating apps are highly effective and have become virtually the best way to find someone to meet, whatever type of relationship you're looking for.

However, with the introduction and explosion in popularity of these dating apps, the question arises as to which dating app to choose. In this article, we answer your questions and present what we consider to be the 12 best dating apps.

1. Meetic

It's impossible to talk about dating apps without mentioning Meetic For over 20 years, Meetic has been helping you find love. Wherever you are, you can meet and flirt with singles directly from your smartphone. Long considered the best dating site, Meetic is now also available as an app on Google Play and the App Store.

Meetic is the n°1 dating app in France, and has helped millions of people find love since its launch. As we mentioned in our meetic review, Meetic has extraordinary statistics: thanks to the app, 8 million couples have formed, over 200,000 marriages have been celebrated and almost 60,000 babies have been born as a result of Meetic encounters. marriages have been celebrated and almost 60,000 babies have been born as a result of Meetic encounters. It's a serious dating application that never stops breaking records thanks to its constant innovation.

Messaging, video calls, image sharing, profile searches, advanced search filters, Meetic party registration directly from the dating app... and all the other dating features you need. In short, Meetic is a dating app that no longer needs to prove itself. And best of all, Meetic is totally free to join!

Create your profile

Register for free for Meetic parties and events

Chat with premium members for unlimited, unpaid chats 

View the profiles of singles near you

2) Disons Demain

Disons Demain is a dating app that's a little different from the others. Disons Demain is a dating app for people over 50.

As we mentioned in our review of Disons Demain, this is a dating app for over-50s looking for a partner to rebuild their lives - based on Meetic's simple and effective interface, the same features allow you to find a convincing partner.

Finding love isn't always easy when you've had previous relationships and you're older, but that doesn't mean that over-50s can't use dating apps. But let's be honest, Tinder and Badoo aren't the best places to meet people if you're over 50.

3. elite rencontre.

Are you a demanding single looking for a serious date with someone equally demanding? Elite Rencontre is the dating app for you. Thanks to its advanced matchmaking system, Elite Rencontre will only match you with the right profiles.

To do this, Elite Rencontre asks you to answer a sophisticated questionnaire consisting of around a hundred questions, which are analyzed by a powerful matching algorithm to suggest only really interesting profiles. What's more, Elite Rencontre is a dating application that favors quality over quantity.

Elite Rencontre is a quality dating app for singles who hate wasting time and want concrete results with educated people.

If you'd like to join the elite, Elite Rencontre is free to join, and you can take surveys and create your own profile without spending any money!

4. fruitz

Fruitz was ranked in the top 12 dating apps with a particularly simple and innovative concept. Designed for young people, Fruitz makes it easy to meet new people thanks to its highly effective fruitz system.

When you sign up for Fruitz (basic use of the app is free), you can choose the fruit that determines the type of encounter:

Cherry: for those looking for serious encounters

Peach: for those who like one-night stands

Watermelon: for those looking for a regular lover

Grape: no headaches, no one-night stands

And it's this concept that is the strength of Fruitz. You don't have to spend time browsing profiles to find out what a person is looking for. By looking at a person's Fruitz type, you can see exactly what they're looking for. This helps you avoid a sluggish conversation and get to the heart of the matter quickly.

5. tinder.

Who hasn't heard of Tinder recently? This dating giant boasts over 75 million monthly users in more than 190 countries. It's impossible to meet someone without using Tinder, the basic dating app.

Swipe right to "Like". If you like someone, you can start chatting.

It's so effective that most people over 18 have tried Tinder at least once in their lives, or continue to use it to meet new people. In fact, even though some features are chargeable, Tinder lets you meet people without having to pay!

Today, more than a decade later, Tinder isn't resting on its laurels and continues to innovate to make it easier for its users to meet new people.

6. happn.

Do you like the idea of dating apps, but want an app that lets you meet people with the same tastes as you? Then you need to download Happn. The concept is very simple: meet people you meet in your favorite places!

So if you're visiting museums, markets or other secret places and you meet someone who uses Happn, the app will suggest a profile. If you like the profile and the person likes you back, a match is made and all you have to do is get to know each other. If you like the profile and they like you back, the match is made and all you have to do is get to know each other. It's a simple but highly effective concept, which means that with Happn you can meet people who don't live far away.

Indeed, if you see a beautiful redhead on the street, you'll probably wonder if she's also on Happn. The rest of the app is pretty standard, with the same messaging functions as other dating apps: videos, photos, messages, GIFs and so on. The only problem with Happn is that the community is smaller than other dating apps, which can make it harder to use if you live outside a major city.

Comfortable to use, ideal for meeting locals and a fun, innovative concept, Happn has it all.

7. bumble

Bumble is a general dating app that helps you find a girlfriend, make friends and make business contacts What makes Bumble a little different from its competitors is that only women can make the first move if they're matched Bumble gives the power back to women and allows them to meet more interesting people and make friends. It's a dating app that helps them meet more interesting people.

The system is very simple and based on the idea of Tinder, allowing you to swipe left or right depending on what you want. In the event of a meeting, women have 24 hours to send the first message and men have 24 hours to reply. If no message is sent, the meeting is cancelled. This makes it easier for women to choose, and takes the pressure out of using a dating app.

However, Bumble isn't just a dating app; you can also use this feature to meet people in your city and make new friends. We also like the new feature that lets you find business deals and create interesting professional networks. This is a particularly interesting and well thought-out idea, something that has never been done before on dating apps.

For all your dating needs, Bumble is a dating app to be reckoned with!

8. Hinge.

Hinge is a dating app with a particularly innovative, if not a little bizarre, concept. Its slogan says it all: "It's a dating app designed to be deleted". But how exactly does it work? The app doesn't delete itself once you've found a partner. No, Hinge is a dating app whose philosophy is to prioritize quality over quantity. Thanks to a particularly powerful algorithm, Hinge finds profiles that match your preferences, so you can find love as quickly as possible without having to go on hundreds of dates Hinge's aim is not for you to keep using the dating app, but to delete it. It's about helping you find the right person.

But the question is, does this dating system work - some people claim to have met, thanks to Hinge, the person they'd been waiting for for years - and despite Hinge's efforts to present interesting profiles, once you meet face-to-face, the magic doesn't happen.

Unfortunately, this is a quirk of the dating process, whether powerful algorithms are involved or not. However, this doesn't mean that Hinge isn't worth using. The dating app does everything it can to help, including personalized questions, conversation starters, new profile alerts and highly detailed profiles.

9. Grindr.

Grindr is a dating app for the LBGTQA+ community. Whether you're gay, trans, bi or queer, Grindr is an app that makes it easy to meet people of the same sexuality as you, without judgment. The world's first LBGTQA+ app, Grindr is a vast community with over 11 million members worldwide. You can make serious or casual acquaintances. Grindr also lets you make friends, even if you're new in town.

With all the classic features of a dating app, Grindr lets you send photos, make video calls, find nearby profiles, use search filters... ...Although Grindr is a dating app, it emphasizes its "social network" aspect by regularly updating your profile and posting photos of your life, parties and events.

10. Badoo.

Badoo is a dating application whose motto is "be yourself". Here, you can talk about anything and everything, especially the things you like, with people who share the same passions and desires as you.

To do this, you can add filters to your profile so that Badoo can suggest profiles similar to yours. Badoo's aim is to let you be 100% yourself and find people who like your personality. Based on Tinder's swipe system, Badoo doesn't offer particularly innovative features, but it works very well and is a great way to find people to meet.

The only difference is that Badoo also allows "intimate" photos (which are blurred by default, but can be found by clicking on them), which can quickly raise the tension between two people. This is a welcome change from other dating apps.

11. adopte.

Formerly known as Adopte un Mec, Adopte is a dating application where women choose the men they want to talk to. Men can't contact women directly on their profile. However, men can become a woman's "secret admirer" and attract her attention.

This concept has made Adopte a popular dating app, especially among women. As a man, it's an interesting application to have in addition to traditional ones like Meetic and Tinder.

What's more, Adopte has all the classic features of a dating app: a messaging system (video calls are also possible), proximity dating and even secret features that are quite interesting to use.Adopte has been innovating for years and is a very good dating app. Adopte has been innovating for years and is a very good dating app, and the community is as welcoming as ever.

For women, it's one of the most comfortable dating apps to use!

12. Lovoo.

Lovoo is a small dating app that makes meeting people simple and easy. Badoo highlights online dating features such as video calling and the ability to join live to talk to different people before a face-to-face date.

Lovoo connects singles who live near you and offers a video date to see how well you get on. Based on the Tinder system, with a "discovery" mode that lets you swipe from left to right, Lovoo relies on a warm and welcoming community to create interesting encounters.

We love the question system, which lets you start or continue a conversation by clicking on a question suggested by Lovoo. All you have to do is answer, and your correspondents can learn more about you.

Lovoo is a simple, easy-to-use dating app that fits perfectly on the smartphone of anyone looking to meet new people without having to rack their brains.

How to choose the right dating app?

Before choosing a dating app, there are a number of important criteria to consider. It's important to take the time to compare all the options available, whether in terms of price, features or the members using the dating app.

The price of a dating application

A dating app's features are the most important thing to consider before signing up or subscribing. Indeed, the features offered by dating apps can make dating more or less difficult. So we're looking for dating apps that offer messaging options allowing you to send photos, videos, GIFs or even advice (in the case of Fruitz) to break the ice from the very first message.

It's best to choose an app that also lets you send video calls and voice messages. Search functions are also important for those who already know what they're looking for. Who has "liked" you? about you, who has visited your profile, or even paid features that increase your chances of meeting someone, such as profile boosters and direct messaging (Meetic's Love Note or Tinder's Super Like).

Price is of course an important criterion. Expensive dating apps are not necessarily more effective. The best value for money is usually around €15/20 per month, not counting the little extra features (like profile boosters) that are worth using from time to time. So take the time to compare the offers of the dating apps you're interested in before making your choice.

You should also be aware that if you use a dating app for a few days without paying, you'll most likely receive a promotional offer encouraging you to subscribe at a lower price. So be patient before you subscribe - you can save money!

The members

When it comes to communities, not all dating apps are created equally. Tinder, for example, is available in 190 countries and boasts over 75 million monthly active users. This impressive number is both an advantage and a disadvantage. There's great potential for interesting encounters, but there's also a high risk of going unnoticed among the multitude of users.

Statistically, you're more likely to find love on a dating app with a large number of users than on a dating app that's only available in major cities due to its small number of users.

On Fruitz, it's harder to meet people over 30; on Disons Demain, you have to be over 50 to register. So, when choosing a dating app, it's important to check carefully the type of members who use it.

User feedback

Before making your choice, you can also read user reviews online or on online review aggregation sites. By reading user reviews, you can quickly discover any problems with a dating app, and find out whether users recommend the app. It's quick and easy, so you won't waste your time downloading dating apps that aren't worth your time.