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How much profit does a million views make on Facebook? new ways


Many people who want to create visual content are looking to find out the price per thousand views and how to make money with videos on Facebook, and it's the most frequently asked question: how much does a million views on Facebook earn?

Over the past year, Facebook has undergone a major transformation and become available for video profit, and has to a large extent been able to compete with YouTube, but the latter remains the best in terms of revenue and the most specialized.

How much does a million views on Facebook bring in?

It's very difficult to answer this question with absolute precision, as it depends on so many factors. Facebook has millions of users in many countries, and the number of content views people receive from the pages they follow depends on many factors, such as the number of people who follow the page, the type of content it publishes, as well as the geographic region.

For example, a set of pages may reach a million views in countries that modify Arabic, but not the same number in countries that modify English or other languages.

It should be noted that the number of views achieved by each page may change over time, and therefore cannot be accurately predicted. It's important to note that the number of views achieved by pages is not a single, modern criterion for the complete evaluation of a page, but it can be used as an important factor in the evaluation.

In developed countries, you can earn over $800 per million views, due to high advertising revenues, the purchasing power of these populations and other factors.

How do I start monetizing Facebook videos?

Having seen how much a million views on Facebook can earn? Let's move on to how to monetize Facebook videos.

You can monetize Facebook videos using advertising software supported by the platform. You can subscribe to Facebook's ad profit system and submit your video content for advertising. When users see your video with ads, you'll receive a percentage of the money paid by the companies that support the ads in the video.

To sign up for Facebook's ad monetization system, you need a Facebook account and a Facebook page with active content. Your page must be active, share useful content and have a large number of subscribers. Your page must receive a large number of views, likes and comments.

Once you've applied to participate in Facebook's ad monetization system, you'll need to wait for Facebook's approval. If Facebook approves, you can start sharing your videos with ads. You must place the ads in your videos in an appropriate position so that they can be seen by viewers. You must respect Facebook's rules regarding the use of ads and referenced content, and you must not post any inappropriate or illegal content.