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Getting dogs and cats to get along


If you already have a dog, don't worry: the two animals can get along just fine. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps

For a new cat to arrive in an environment with animals, it's necessary to create a safe, controlled environment. If you already have a dog, rest assured that 2 animals can get along just fine. To make sure of this, you'll need to follow a few steps that will enable them to build their relationship little by little.

Give attention to dogs and cats

Give your attention to both animals, cats and dogs, as often as possible. It's not uncommon for an attitude or show of affection on your part to be enough to prevent major rivalries and hostilities between them.

Keep an eye on the animals you want to bring together

Keep an eye on cats and dogs until you're sure they're a good match.

Some adult dogs can carry kittens that accept this kind of caution, but to avoid accidents, it's wiser to gently remove the kitten from the dog's mouth.

Introduce your cat to one dog at a time

If you have more than one dog, make sure all the dogs don't approach the cat together. Introduce your cat to 1 dog at a time, so that each dog understands that your cat is now part of the family and not an object or prey.

Careful with cat litter

Make sure your dog has no access to the cat's litter box. Sooner or later, the dog will try to eat the contents!

Separate dog and cat bowls

Separate the dog from the cat at mealtimes, so that both eat in peace and don't help themselves to each other's bowls.

As pure carnivores, cats need a diet containing an amino acid called taurine.

When a dog eats your cat's food, it can develop a food shortage.

Don't leave food and leftovers in places accessible to cats. Not only can it jump on tables and counters, spill garbage, but it can also deposit debris on the floor where the dog can eat.

Train your dog

If your dog behaves like a "hunter", train him to follow the "leave it" command. "As you control his hunting instincts over your cat. When the hunt begins, your dog will be deaf to your instructions, so you must avoid the chase from the outset.

Play with your cat

Make sure the cat chases or jumps on something other than the dog's tail. Playing with him will help guide his energy.