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What's Making My Cat Cry ? What You Should Know


Cats don't cry like humans. They don't cry, but express themselves through a variety of vocalizations associated with a very specific attitude. In fact, cats never cry for no reason. However, if the eyes cry, it means the cat may have an eye problem. It's important to take immediate action.

Cats cry for different reasons

Cats meow, sometimes so insistently that they irritate their owners. Whether it's a kitten or an adult cat, the animal is obviously trying to express something. So you need to be willing to try and understand what's making your little companion cry. Maybe it's... :






The mating season of cats,




Desire to leave the house or apartment.

The reason for a cat's meowing can only be determined by observing the cat's attitude over time. For example, if it meows at a bowl of tea, it means it's hungry or doesn't like what's inside.

 If an unspayed cat or a cat in heat meows all night long, moans and meows frantically, it means it wants to get out and join the other cats in the neighborhood. Vocalizations vary according to the situation, and a cat's behavior also depends on the message it's trying to convey.

Why is my cat's eyes watering?

Watery eyes in cats should not be mistaken for crying. It may be due to :
If tears don't remove this type of impurity, wash the eyes with a compress containing water or a few drops of saline solution.
Infection: in the case of viral infections such as coryza, a cat's eyes often weep. If left untreated, conjunctivitis can worsen into purulent conjunctivitis.

 If your cat sneezes, has swollen eyelids and seems apathetic, don't hesitate to consult your vet.
Anatomical abnormalities: entropion, ectropion and stenosis (narrowing) of the lacrimal ducts are all problems that can lead to more or less severe lacrimation. In such cases, ophthalmic surgery is required.

It's important that cats' eyes are cared for regularly. The slightest impurity must be removed, and care must be taken to ensure that the tear ducts are not blocked. It's also important to prevent scabs from forming at the corners of the eyes. Crusts are a breeding ground for bacteria and can also infect the upper respiratory tract (e.g. nasal passages, sinuses and larynx).

However, care must be taken to use only certain products, as not everything can be applied to a cat's eyes. You can use sterile compresses, preferably boiled then cooled water, saline solution and eye treatments if prescribed by a vet. In any case, it's important to know that the slightest negligence can lead to blindness in the event of an abnormality in a cat's eye.