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How can I remove dog hair from my clothes? easy steps 2024


If we have a dog, it's a real inconvenience. Our clothes are often covered in dog hair, which is difficult to remove. Even after machine washing, some hair can remain. So here are a few tips on how to easily remove pet hair from your clothes.

Choose the right clothes.

Hair may or may not adhere easily, depending on the texture of the garment. Fleece, for example, attracts hairs very easily. Hair clings to fleece and is difficult to remove from the fabric. So if you have a dog that sheds a lot, fleece should be avoided. On the other hand, materials containing a lot of synthetic fibers, such as denim, don't attract hair, which won't cling to this type of garment.

The color of the garment is also important. If you have a black-haired dog, white clothes should be avoided. Conversely, black clothes should be avoided for white dogs. In addition, hair is less visible on certain colors, such as yellow and blue.

Use a roller with an adhesive strip.

Adhesive rollers are probably the best-known method of removing dog hair from clothing. Hairball rollers are sold everywhere - in supermarkets, pet shops and on the Internet. If you have a dog that doesn't shed much or has a short coat, these rollers are very useful. However, if your dog has a thick coat, they're not always as effective. Unless you use several rollers to remove all the hair from clothing.

Remove the dog's hair with the special textile bristle brush.

Rubber bristle brush. Particularly designed for dog lovers, it removes hair from clothing. The advantage of this brush is that it can be reused again and again, as it doesn't need to be refilled or replaced like an adhesive roller. When the brush is applied to clothing, the bristles accumulate along with dust and hair, which can then simply be picked up. These brushes can be purchased in pet shops and on specialized pet websites.

Tumble-dry clothes.

After machine-washing, tumble-drying removes most of the hair. It's an easy, simple and effective way to remove pet hair.

We love our dogs more than anything, but daily shedding is a real ordeal. You can reduce shedding by brushing your dog regularly and taking him to the groomer during the moulting period. This way, your clothes are less likely to get dirty with your pet's hair.