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The Best Games For Making Money By Playing


Today, thanks to digital gaming, it's possible to play anytime, anywhere via apps or websites. Not only can you have fun, but you can also earn money for free and improve your family's finances.

The 7 application Plus  3 websites To Play and making monney easily

To play the best quick games, contests, lotteries and other free games with prizes in complete safety, choose reputable applications and sites to avoid unpleasant surprises.

First, here are the 3 most reliable sites, then we present the 7 mobile applications we recommend at the moment (making a list of 10 offers in total: we'll be updating it regularly as necessary).

1. moolineo

If you want to play and win euros easily, the Moolineo site is worth a look. Free games and contests appear frequently on the site, as well as a multitude of small paid tasks, such as taking part in surveys, receiving advertising e-mails, etc.

Moolineo is a site that has been operated for several years by a French company renowned for its reliability. So why deprive yourself?


Like Moolineo, which is owned by the same company, the Loonea site is reliable and lets you take part in games, competitions, product tests and many other paid activities. To earn money, you can play for free, take part in online surveys or evaluate applications and services; Loonea also invites you to give your opinion on its products.

3. Swagbucks

On the Swagbucks site, there are several ways to earn money: play games, take part in surveys, discover services and products. Downloading applications also earns points, which can be exchanged for euros.

The Swagbucks platform is currently offering 10 euros in bonus credit to new registrants. Free registration is just a few clicks away, and rewards can be earned by watching ads and taking part in surveys.

4. bravospeed.

Entirely financed by advertising, Bravospeed is a promising service. It's a lottery app where players can win euros by playing every day.

The rules are similar to those of a traditional lotto. Simply fill in the grid to take part in the draws (there are hundreds of draws every day). Depending on the results, you can earn points that can be exchanged for gift cards, cash or prizes.

5. Luckycash.

To keep players happy, Luckycash of course offers games (lotteries, quizzes, etc.), but there are other ways to earn euros: paid surveys, application testing, and so on. Winnings can be received in the form of euro gifts or cash. Kitty withdrawals can be made by bank transfer or in exchange for gift cards.

6. big time

The Big Time platform offers a number of fun games. The principle is simple: win the games and enter the draw. Cash or prizes are won.

The app is available on Google Play.

7. App Flame.

App Flame is a free application that offers new games every day. So users can install whatever they want. The more time they spend playing with this app, the more chances they have to earn higher and higher rewards. Rewards are generally paid in the form of PayPal transfers or gift cards.

The application is available on Google Play.

8. Appstation.

Appstation offers rewards for using and downloading partner game applications; Appstation has a low payment threshold (equivalent to 0.4 USD) and allows users to claim the first amount immediately. This has helped to increase its popularity.

The application is available on Google Play.

9. cashyy.

Links to major retailers such as PayPal, Google Play and Amazon are available. The application offers mobile games in exchange for coins. The user downloads the application. They browse the list of games and choose the one that suits them best. The more they play on the platform, the more points they accumulate. These are converted into coins, which can be exchanged for gift cards.

The application is available on Google Play.

10. featurepoints

In Featurepoints, it's important to test and download the application in order to earn as many points as possible. These points can be exchanged for gifts. The app also offers tokens (crypto-currency). Tokens can be obtained by viewing advertisements. Payment is just 1 euro.

3useful tips for winning money with games

New users receive 50 points as a welcome gift. However, payment takes a relatively long time. You may have to wait up to three months before receiving your cash prize.
Before getting involved in online gaming, it's a good idea to take a few precautions. To avoid falling into the hands of scammers, you need to remain cautious.

1. checking platform reliability
It's important to check the legality and reliability of the gaming application/website. This can be done by consulting user reviews. Note that the platform may be suspect if, for example, it states that payment is not made.

For apps, always look at reviews before downloading. Recent reviews and updated ratings should be consulted first, as the seriousness of an offer can change suddenly. This advice applies to any free app you download, even if, for example, it's about walking and earning money.

2. don't trust promises
In the field of online gambling, some people sell illusions. They would have you believe that you can easily win large sums of money by using certain websites or applications. It's quite possible to win small amounts of money by playing regularly. On the other hand, you shouldn't expect to win large sums of money and become rich this way in 2023.

3. Know the strategy and rules of the game
Find out as much as you can about the rules of the game. This will familiarize you with the basic strategy and enable you to participate more effectively. At the same time, you'll maximize your chances of success.

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