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8 Ways To Travel Around The World For Free Or Almost


Travelling may be one of the most beautiful activities in the world, but it's also one of the most expensive. Between flights, accommodations, restaurants, activities... the bill goes up fast. Here are 8 ways to travel for free, or almost!

The wwoofing programm

WWOOFING ("World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms") is an original and economical way to see the country. The concept is simple: you get free lodging and food in exchange for daily work on a farm or agricultural establishment. There are around fifty countries participating in this program, so it's up to you to choose the location and arrangement that suits you best!

Voluntary work in other country

The Peace Corps is a very popular volunteer program in the United States. Unfortunately, it is only open to US citizens. In Canada, on the other hand, you can join a program like Project Abroad, an equivalent. One-week to one-year programs are offered to help out in 25 destinations around the world. You can also find out about volunteer programs abroad (or not, for that matter) and combine business with pleasure.

Exchanging your homme

Would you be willing to swap homes with someone in a destination that intrigues you? If you've seen the famous film The Holiday, you've probably got an idea of what home swapping is all about. Generally speaking, if someone entrusts you with their home, they're more likely to take care of yours, and vice versa. Several websites exist for this purpose, including Home Exchange and People Like Us. Of course, you'll have to do the cooking and cleaning, but it generally gives you access to properties that are conveniently located, so you can live life almost like a local!

From one sofa to another

Surfing the waves is fun, but couch surfing is even better! That's what you can do with couchsurfing. All you need to do is register on the site, and the hosts must be available to receive you. You'll have real human contact, nothing like the coldness of a hotel room.

Home sitting

You've heard of baby-sitting. Well, imagine the same thing, but for houses. The principle is simple: a homeowner goes on vacation for several weeks, for example, and needs someone to look after the house while he's away. That's where the home-sitter comes in: in exchange for free accommodation, he or she is expected to be present and do maintenance work, as well as looking after the animals, for example. The Mind My House website offers this kind of service.

Au pair experience

It's an option particularly suited to young people between the ages of 18 and 30 who want to travel and immerse themselves in a country's culture. The concept of au pair travel is simple: the "au pair" goes to a family where he or she is provided with board and lodging in exchange for services to the family, often taking care of the children, helping with meals and groceries. Finding the right match can take a little time, which is normal, and it's important to consider several criteria. Talk to the family before you leave to make sure you understand their needs and vision of things, your limits and their openness. It's best for your safety and well-being. As soon as you make your first contact, draw up a list of the tasks you'll have to do and a typical schedule with the host family.

Cruise work

If you're a talented waiter, chef, lifeguard or whatever, you can work on a boat. You'll get paid while you travel. There are cruises all over the world, the choice is yours: Antarctica or the Caribbean...

Working in travel industry

One of the best ways to travel for free is to work in the travel industry. Flight attendant or stewardess, travel journalist, tour guide, animator... There's no shortage of jobs and opportunities!